Mother, sister, aunt, girlfriend, wife or widow: I'm my sister's keeper!

Encouraging and building woman of God to live as beautiful flowers in the garden of God; the Ladies of St. Matthew's express and show the love of God to all we meet. Regardless of the complex issues of our time Young, older and undecided ladies find a haven of sisterhood, a place to share, meet and discuss issues of the heart as a part of the Women's Council (ages 40 and up) and Sisters United In Christ (SUIC ages: 18 - 39). Busy women are always giving but our Women's ministry is a place where we are also replenished. Ladies participate and share in House to House monthly meeting; Shop-Away Day (Annual Shopping Trip); Sisters R&R Retreat (1st Weekend in August); Mother's Day Celebration; Weekly bible study at local nursing homes; and 3rd Saturday workshops. Be it a smile, a hug, laughs or sharing in tearful moments our sisterhood roots reach and grow deep from heart to heart.


Bold, Anointed & Driven - we're just down right BAD men!

Men of integrity, focused and equipped with mission are needed and wanted in the Kingdom today. Our Men's ministry is focused on the holistic man. We are spiritual leaders in our homes, workplaces, campuses, and generations. Bold godly men are servants of God and lead others by serving our families and being examples to our wives, children and all we meet. Anointed to carry vision and driven to get things down, we work, pray and party together. We strive to provide resources to develop boys to mature men with our Men's Mentoring program for ages 12 - 20. We provide opportunities to stretch out, relax and be men by participating in Tailgate Throwdown (TTD Super bowl party); Monthly Finance Management Class; Annual Deep Sea Fishing Trip; and Holistic Men Book Club.


Vibrant, energetic and bursting at the seams; our youth are thriving in God!

We believe no youth is too young to be loved and nurtured in Christ. From the Young Warriors (ages: 8-15) to the Mighty Warriors (ages: 15-23) the youth of St. Matthews are encouraged to pursue excellence in God and education. Our earliest smiling faces known as the Busy Bees (ages: 7 and under) are not only entertained and educated enjoying breakfast for their stomach and souls during Sunday school and Wednesday bible study. Having professional educators across each grade level, our youth are surrounded by the help they would need to excel in todays academic environment. Recognized and rewarded for academic and community achievement, our students are invited to participate in Vacation Bible School; Summer Reading Program; Shut-ins; 2nd Sunday Youth SOG Service -"Show-off God" (from poetry, singing, rap, creative arts; youth are encouraged and allowed to showcase their gifts) and Junior usher board. Rather supporting our youth in intermural sports, attending awards programs, acknowledging individual achievements, we love, support and push our youth to be BIG - the Best-In-GOD they can be!